Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology



In these pages, an award-winning roster of writers and artists—including leading Asian American comics creators Bernard Chang (Demon Knights), Fred Chao (Johnny Hiro), Sean Chen (Iron Man), Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk), Larry Hama (G.I. Joe), Takeshi Miyazawa (Runaways), and GB Tran (Vietnamerica); filmmakers Michael Kang (The Motel) and Tanuj Chopra (Punching at the Sun); literary standouts Jamie Ford (Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet), Gary Jackson (Missing You, Metropolis), and Bao Phi (Sông I Sing), and more—contribute new, original graphic stories that subvert, upend, satirize, and shatter the hidebound stereotypes that have obscured the Asian image since the earliest days of immigration: the stoic brute, the prodigious brain, the exotic temptress, the inscrutable alien, and the devious manipulator. Edited by: Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow, Jerry Ma (New Press, Oct 2012, 208 pp, 8 x 10 in)

* Asian American Book Review

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