Japanese Home Cooking (signed copies)

by Sonoko Sakai



The essential guide to Japanese home cooking—the ingredients, techniques, and over 100 recipes—for seasoned cooks and beginners who are craving authentic Japanese flavors.

Using high-quality, seasonal ingredients in simple preparations, Sonoko Sakai offers recipes with a gentle voice and a passion for authentic Japanese cooking. Beginning with the pantry, the flavors of this cuisine are explored alongside fundamental recipes, such as dashi and pickles, and traditional techniques, like making noodles and properly cooking rice. Use these building blocks to cook an abundance of everyday recipes with dishes like Grilled Onigiri (rice balls) and Japanese Chicken Curry.

From there, the book expands into an exploration of dishes organized by breakfast; vegetables and grains; meat; fish; noodles, dumplings, and savory pancakes; and sweets and beverages. With classic dishes like Kenchin-jiru (Hearty Vegetable Soup with Sobagaki Buckwheat Dumplings) to more inventive dishes like Mochi Waffles with Tatsuta (Fried Chicken) and Maple Yuzu Kosho  this is a rich guide to Japanese home cooking. Featuring stunning photographs by Rick Poon, the book also includes stories of food purveyors in California and Japan. This is a generous and authoritative book that will appeal to home cooks of all levels.  Author: Sonoko Sakai (Roost Bks/PRH, Nov 19, 2019, HC, 304pp, 8×10 in)


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About the Author

onigiri making (herbs & aromatics)

Sonoko Sakai


Sonoko Sakai is a cooking teacher, noodle maker, food writer, and grain activist. She was born in New York and raised in Tokyo, Kamakura, Mexico City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  Her stories and recipes have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Saveur, and Lucky Peach.  Along with teaching cooking workshops around the world, she devotes her time to the restoration and preservation of food traditions and culture, soba noodles being among one of her pursuits.   She is the author of  two cookbooks, The Poetical Pursuit of Food: Japanese Recipes for American Cooks and Rice Craft and has a forthcoming cookbook, Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic FlavorsShe lives in Los Angeles and on a ranch in Tehachapi with her husband, the sculptor Katsuhisa Sakai.


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