Tea High Mt Oolong

by Lucy Yung for Silver Needle



Taiwanese Oolongs are particularly well known due to its unique growing conditions and skilled craftsmanship. The tea estates of Ali Mountain offer a refined high altitude tea developed over many centuries atop of majestic peaks and alongside stunning waterfalls. The harvest season spans twelve days, and during that time, tea picking, oxidation, roasting and rolling occurs around the clock. Each step in the process is mindfully controlled to ensure that the tea is crafted to optimize its aroma, taste and finish. Grown at 7000 ft above sea level, the dew from such high elevation enriches the leaves with a natural milky taste that is rare and truly exquisite. This fine tea is package in our Yellow cylinder. Origin: Alishan, Taiwan.  Tea Type: Oolong.  Tasting Note: Milky, smooth with a lingering floral finish.  Caffeine Level: Mild. 40 grams per cylinder container.

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About the Designer


Lucy Yung for Silver Needle

Chinese American

In Silver Needle Tea Company’s quest for exquisite whole leaf teas, they head straight to the source to the bring highest quality pure tea, sustained in an ethical manner. They work exclusively with single estate teas – no blending, everything they carry is pure. The team travels across the globe each season to partner with extraordinary tea plantations. Quality is of utmost importance and each tea is selected based on origin, environment and craftsmanship. Striking in appearance and intoxicating in flavor, these tea leaves are found in rare gardens situated on the high plateaus From oolongs to white, green, and black teas, they go straight to the source, offering pure tea plucked straight from the plant. Each tea differs in their production process, reflecting oxidation and caffeine levels, taste and health benefits. They are packaged in fine cylinders color-coordinated with each type of tea.

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