The Little Exile



A Japanese-American girl’s life changes forever when she and her family are relocated from San Francisco to Arkansas during WW2.

After Pearl Harbor, little Marie Mitsui’s typical school life and playing with friends in San Francisco is upended. Her family and thousands of others of Japanese heritage are under suspicion and forcibly relocated to internment camps far from home. Living conditions in the camps are harsh, but in the end, Marie finds freedom and hope for the future. Told from a child’s perspective, The Little Exile deftly conveys Marie’s innocence, wonder, fear, and outrage. This work of autobiographical fiction is based on the author’s own experience as a wartime internee.

Author, Jeanette Arakawa was born in San Francisco in 1932 and was interned in the 1940s at the Rohwer War Relocation Center in Arkansas. (Stone Bridge Pr, 2017, Pbk, 240 pp)


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