Timeless Beauty



Traditional Japanese Folk Art

This richly illustrated book presents the Jeffrey Montgomery collection of traditional Japanese art, one of the foremost collections of this art in the world.
Superb examples of lacquerware and metalwork, basketry, textiles, furniture, masks, sculpture, paintings, toys, and ceramics, are organized by medium in five sections. These utilitarian objects of everyday life date from the Muromachi period ((1392-1568) to the early Meiji period (1868-1912), and were crafted by hardworking artisans for farmers, fishermen, town merchants, and upper-class elite. The pieces these artisans produced reflect honesty and respect for all things both animate and inanimate: all the objects in the collection possess a unique and inherent quality of timeless beauty.

The entries are divided into five sections: ceramics, textiles, metalworks, masks, and additional objects (furniture, toys, sculptures, etc.) The book includes a chronology, a map of Japan, and index and bibliography. Author: Edmund de Waal (Skira, 2003, HC, 320 pp, 280 color illus., 10.25 in x 12.25 in)

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