White Peony White Tea

Tea White Peony

by Charlene Wang for Tranquil Tuesdays



Delicate, light, pleasantly sweet, hints of cucumber.

A delicate, light, and pleasantly sweet white tea perfect for when you’re in need a calming moment or a reassuring smile from a close friend. White tea is harvested from the spring’s first flushes, so it is packed with rich antioxidants and nutrients. Naturally withered, this simple and refreshing tea is the least processed of our collection.

• Made in China

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About the Designer


Charlene Wang for Tranquil Tuesdays

Chinese American

“Luxury goods are very much ingrained in the history of ancient China…home to the best quality silk, porcelain, and tea.”

Tranquil Tuesdays is a Beijing-based social enterprise dedicated to showcasing China’s finest teas and tea ware. Founder Charlene Wang serves the pure flavor of tea with a side of social consciousness, inviting new audiences to experience China’s authentic tea culture. Artisanal teas are hand-harvested by small family owned tea farms in rural China. Partnerships with young artists in Jingdezheng, China’s pottery capital, yield exquisite, handcrafted tea ware, enhancing the modern tea experience with a touch of tradition.

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