Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

by Patricia A. Bloom MD



The power of the mind to influence the body has long been known. Many modern scientific studies have confirmed the strength of the Mind Body connection. The practices on this CD borrow from ancient yoga relaxation and mindfulness meditation practices, and are adapted from the modern Open Focus techniques of Dr. Les Fehmi. Whether you are challenged by illness, the stress of surgery, or chronic physcial or emotional pain, you can use this CD to reduce stress, promote restorative healing, and significantly reduce or eliminate pain. Instructor: Patricia Bloom MD

Introduction (2:10), Using Your Mind to Relax and Restore (14:51), Using Your Mind to Dissolve Pain (19:34) minutes

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About the Author


Patricia A. Bloom MD


Patricia Bloom MD is a physician, Registered Yoga Teacher, teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and the Director of Integrative Health for the Martha Stewart Center for Living at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC.

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