Season of Japan Exhibition


Tonight kicks off Asia Society’s Season of Japan where AsiaStore is excited to present the collections of talented Japanese designers Mieko Mintz, Ayaka Nishi, Hatsumi Yoshida, Yuh Okano and Ann Chikahisa, along with product features by Karen Brocks and Rafael Colon. Each of these artists brings unique and exciting designs to the Season of Japan.

miekoMieko Mintz brings a unique flare to traditional Japanese designs. Meiko’s designs range from silk             Japanese kimonos, to Indonesian batiks and Indian sari kanthas. Each piece she creates incorporates both vintage and modern elements making every design a one of a kind creation.




ayakaAyaka Nishi, a new designer to AsiaStore, showcases her exquisite handmade jewelry. Each piece she creates is undoubtedly a work of art inspired by flora and wildlife, which was a big part of her upbringing in Kagoshima.




hatsumiHatsumi Yoshida another new AsiaStore designer, was born and raised in Japan, and then relocated to Bali, which is a main inspiration in her designs. All of her textiles are organic as well as masterly crafted to ensure that each piece has its own special flare.





Yuh Okano has quite a way with her fiber techniques and handcrafting abilities, creating pieces that are detailed as well as three-dimensional. Her beautiful inspiration comes from not simply from nature, but the organic shapes that appear within nature.




ann cAnn Chikahisa is another artist who draws exquisite inspiration from nature. Her handcrafted pieces of jewelry illuminate the beauty of stone and metal collaborating to create organic shapes and natural themes within her jewelry.




Karen-Brock-new-headshot-300x300rafaelWhile Karen Brock and Rafael Colon may not be Japanese, their spirits are in the east. Karen Brock showcases her vintage kimono quilts and Rafael Colon introduces street art turned fine art in the form of hand painted skateboards.



With all this new talent at AsiaStore, this is a shopping experience you won’t want to miss. The Season of Japan Exhibition begins Tuesday, February 9 2016 and comes to an end Sunday, May 8 2016 giving you plenty of time to stop by and browse. For more information be sure to visit .