Wynn Wynn Ong’s Design Studio

Manila 450Behind a nameless door and through an unassuming hallway I was transported to the magical world of Wynn Wynn Ong. Not an everyday occurrence as Wynn prizes her anonymity.  Very few make it into Wynn’s inner sanctum, but AsiaStore was graciously welcomed and is pleased to take you inside, where Wynn’s unique one of a kind creations take center stage as her talented production team brings her visions to life. Each accessory and exquisite piece of jewelry and home decor is crafted by nine artisans using the lost wax production process to create one of a kind pieces with detailed features set with gemstones in sterling, vermeil and gold. All of Wynn’s pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that describes not only the piece, but the enchanting story behind the design. She feels this is what sets her designs apart…personally I think it’s her incredible creative talent!! Look forward to seeing a new collection from this talented Burmese born, Philippine native this spring!

Manila 464

Manila 452

Manila 448